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Etusivu Keskustelu Pelinkehitys Projektit Simons Curse Vastaa aiheeseen: Simons Curse



    Uus versio taas ulkona.

    Update v0.73 D30.M11.Y2023

    -added new areas

    -added 2 new enemies

    -added new effects

    -added new status

    -added new secret

    -added new tiles

    -added new backgrounds

    -added new music

    -added new sounds

    -added fullscreen option (only in main menu.)

    -improvements to sadam woods

    -improved day transition animation

    -improvements to window graphics

    -improved metzger made logo and added animation

    -improvements to jova

    -minor improvements to many locations

    -minor improvements to several tile sets

    -decreased flying skull spawn time

    -fixed some block positions for improved jumping

    -fixed npc’s walking inside slopes

    -fixed npc having wrong portrait in andole

    -fixed some non moving paralaxes: sadam woods, andole, outskirts

    -fixed collision mask with various spikes and traps (made them slighly smaller)

    -fixed frogs no longer trying to crouch (yeah that was kinda funny)

    -fixed level 3 bone throw skeleton wrong reverse sprite

    -fixed missing tiles from debora woods

    -fixed dead river passage tiles