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    Terve taas pitkästä aikaa! Long time no Ocean!

    Nyt olis iso päivitys jossa parantelin grafiikkaa kokonaisvaltaisesti, helpotin peliä sekä fiksasin suurimman osan peliä vaivanneista bugeista.

    Update v0.78 D10.M02.Y2024


    -added continue system (ruby icon in the hud) to the game, dying reset the location you are in but you lose a bit of gold and exp and you lose the continue, praying at the church replenishes the continue

    -added map (very basic) that shows location of the player (accessed with triggers on controller while in menu, backspace on keyboard (cannot be changed, yet))


    -added scanlines option to turn scanlines on and off


    -added coin bounce sound

    -added coin bag pickup sound

    ##graphics and effects

    -added more animation frames to coin

    -added coin bounce

    -added effect ferry boat weight

    -added ferry boat light

    -added oar end piece to ferryman

    -added effect for dropping blocks breaking when hitting ground

    -added effect for some corpses/items colliding with liquids

    -added effects for holywater water collision

    -added effect for spider web bolt colliding with ground

    -added hearts float on water

    -added new tiles (joma marsh trees)

    -added simon idle animation

    -added button indicator for setting 5

    -added few different button/key graphics for indicator

    -added new church doors

    -added lights out effect to candlesticks

    -added new npc sprite

    -added animation to shrine

    -added wings to shrine

    -improved shrine orb graphics and animation

    -improved bonfires

    -improved intro animation

    -improved mausoleum platform graphics

    -improved some decor object graphics

    -improved menu border graphics and background

    -improved many npc graphics

    -improved device graphics

    -improved death screen graphics

    -improved several background images

    -improved most tile graphics

    -improved several enemy sprites

    -improved several enemy animations

    -improved waterfall graphics

    -improved tree leaf graphics

    -improved aljiba lampposts

    -changed some text colors

    -altered simon sprites

    -altered simons curse logo colors

    -altered vaniamania logo

    -altered metzger made logo anim

    -adjusted sunray visibility time

    -changed simon midair attack sprite


    -added area between carmilla cemetery and aljiba

    -changes to joma marsh

    -changes to dabis path


    -added system to check if the player is using keyboard or controller (could be used to to show correct use/action/etc keys/buttons with the indicator)

    -reworked most of the enemy AI coding (it does not show that much on the outside, but all the fixes with the enemies are because of it)


    -can also equip item1 with the item1 use key/button

    -pressing inventory or options button/key while either is active while now close the current menu instead of changing it

    -both start and select work in death menu

    -added gamepad setting 5 (up button does nothing, use/talking/entering is via top button, item use buttons are bumbers)

    -gamepad triggers swap menus from inventory to options

    -ingame options selection position resets when closed


    -nerf: holy water is not very effective in water

    -buff: when starting new game player has 3 more ingame hours before night time

    -change: werewolfs now only roam at night


    -fixed issue where player would take damage above noxius ponds without hitting them (turns out this was a conversion issue in hitboxes, should not cause anymore issues)

    -fixed issue where player would take damage above spikes without hitting them (turns out this was a conversion issue in hitboxes)

    -fixed player getting stuck on roof slopes

    -fixed werewolf fixes: not using slopes, getting stuck on slopes when jumping, getting stuck on walls

    -fixed slime not using slopes

    -fixed some enemies shooting from outside of view

    -fixed weird behavior with bone throwing skeletons (getting stuck, trolling platforms, staying airborne, getting stuck on ground, throwing bones without animation)

    -fixed frog enemies sometimes getting stuck on walls while jumping

    -fixed some flying enemies under some objects they should not be

    -fixed player jumping out of water splash y pos too high

    -fixed mausoleum exit door being closed when boss defeated

    -fixed inventory clock not having minutes and hours in double digits (when less than 10)

    -fixed certain drop that you were not supposed to die from

    -fixed issue with new game in empty save slot trying to load a save

    -fixed a lot of typos