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    Pistetään nyt uutta päivitys infoa taas tännekkin =)

    Update v0.80 D06.M03.Y2024

    ##story related

    -added hints where to go next that ties in with the story


    -added several new areas

    ##enemies, npc and objects

    -added 5 new enemies

    -added new lights

    -added new decor object

    ##graphics and effects

    -improved map graphics (it’s a lot better now)

    -improved jova town trees

    -improved sky/cloud graphics

    -improved intro graphics and some animations

    -minor changes to several locations

    -added new effect reflecting mirrors

    -added new backgrounds

    -added several new tiles

    -added new background to aljiba

    -added item box graphics in invetory

    -added unknown location map marker

    -added coin bag dropping in water effect

    -added mist effect to an area


    -added item to enemy drop list


    -changed lighting code a bit to allow more adjustable lights

    -added better loot tables and improved its coding

    -luck now works and affects things such as loot tables (and there is one item that gives a bit of luck)

    -added continue delay, so that respawn is not instant but still quick


    -fixed few light positions

    -fixed some breakaway blocks having wrong color

    -fixed missing portrait from intro

    -fixed intro chat text swapping too fast

    -fixed few non moving backgrounds

    -fixed merman jumping out of water splash effect too high

    -fixed jumping merman not facing player

    -fixed not getting exp from killing a jumping merman

    -fixed very rare case where map would not work

    -fixed certain drop being deadly when it should not be (again)

    -fixed few missing tiles

    -fixed menu logo being over scanlines